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  • Officers & Staff
    Executive Board
    President/Principal Officer/Business Agent
      James E. Jones III

    James started to work for United Parcel Service in 1990 where he served as a Steward for 12 years and a Chief Steward for 5.  He is a second generation Teamster.  Before being elected President in 2016, he was Vice-President of Local 667.

    James says that "Teamster blue is in my blood" and with the passion and desire he has, he looks forward to leading Local 667 in a new direction.  Community involvement, aggressive organizing and professional structure are just a few of the goals he has set to achieve within in coming years.

    Email: jejones@teamsters667.com 
    Phone: 901-396-5331 Ext. 228
    Secretary/Treasurer/Business Agent
      Ramon Luna

    In 1978 Ramon became a Teamster with Local 50 as a sanitation worker in E St Louis, IL.  He transferred to Local 600 in 1979 when he went to work for Yellow Transit.  Over the years, he served as an Alternate Steward and a Chief Steward.  In 1985 he transferred to Local 667, where he eventually served as Business Agent, Secretary-Treasurer, Organizer and all around 'trouble shooter' for the membership.  Ramon has served as a Business Agent for every carrier that is represented by Local 667 and every UPS facility, Small Pack, and UPS Freight.

    Ramon served on the IBT Human Rights Commission for 5 years.

    Ramon continues to fight for this membership and uphold and enforce our contracts.  He is currently on the National Contract Negotiating Committee for UPS Freight.

    Email: rluna@teamsters667.com 
    Phone: 901-396-5331 Ext. 235

    Trustee/Business Agent
      Robert Fields
    Robert is a proud Teamster and UPSer since 1991.   He has been Chief Steward at UPS and is currently working at Teamsters Local 667 as UPS Business Agent and Trustee, he believes in making things possible... and it begins with teamwork and accountability.  With Robert, everyone has a voice.  He is working to keep this Union solidified.  Robert says "with dedication and determination, we can and will be more than successful in growing our Union for prosperity." 

    Email: rfields@teamsters667.com 
    Phone: 901-396-5331 Ext: 227
    Vice President / Business Agent
      Herman Lewis

    Herman has been employed by UPS Freight (formerly Overnight Transportation) for over 22 years.  He was a key member in the organizing campaign.  He has served as an Alternate and as Chief Steward for 6 years.  Herman is very passionate about protecting members' interests, improving working conditions for all and organizing.

    Herman was elected as Vice-President of Teamsters Local 667 in 2016.

    Email: hlewis@teamsters667.com

    Phone: 901-396-5331 Ext 232

    Recording Secretary
      Mark Deaton

    Mark was elected Recording Secretary of Teamsters Local 667 in 2016.

    Mark is a 30 year employee at UPS.  He has been a Union Steward for 20 of those years and Chief Steward for 9.  Caring about members has always been Mark's goal.

      Kevin Clark

    Kevin is currently serving as Trustee on the Executive Board of Teamsters Local 667 and has been a proud Teamsters for 16 years.. 

    He is employed by Republic Services for 16 years and has been Chief Steward for 4 years.  Kevin was very instrumental in the strike against Republic Services in 2013.  He believes in fairness and equality for everyone and plans to make this Union stronger in the workplace and in the community.

    Jack Thomas
    Besides being a Trustee on the Executive Board of Teamsters Local 667, Jack Thomas is a Steward at Kroger Distribution Center.  



    Business Agent

    Lloyd Reed

    Email: lreed@teamsters667.com 
    Phone: 901-396-5331 
    Political Coordinator/Chaplain
      Robert Seay

    Robert Thomas Seay was born and raised on a farm in rural Alabama, Lamar County.  In 1948 it was very difficult to make a living on the farm so Robert left the farm and went to De Funiak Springs, FL at the age of 15.  He got a job at a sawmill owned by Mr. Sam Bo Parker.  That was a real man's job.  Robert worked there for one year until they ran out of logs to process.

    No one else would hire Robert in De Funiak Springs at his age, so he decided to head back home.  Robert had friends that lived in Mobile, AL and friends in Birmingham, AL, so he flipped a coin to see which way he should go back home.  Birmingham was the winner.  When he got to Birmingham he called his friend.  His friend picked him up and they went to lunch.  Over lunch Robert's friend said "we are going to find you a job".  Robert's friend took him to the local ACIPCO service station.  Robert got a job there at $19.00 a week.  That was muich less than the $32.00 a week he had been earning back at the sawmill, but Robert was just grateful to have a job.  After 5 short weeks they raised Robert's pay to $45.00 a week.  While working there, one of Robert's daily jobs was to service the trucks for D.O.X.  One day Robert asked the D.O.X. foreman if he had any positions available at D.O.X.  The foreman said he did, but that he couldn't hire Robert because it would be a conflict of interest.  Two or three months later, Robert's boss died.  The next day Robert went to turn in service tickets to the foreman.  Robert told the foreman about his boss's passing.  He said "are you still interested in a job?"  Robert said "yes sir".  So at the age of 17, Robert Seay became a Teamster.  He started as a dock worker for D.O.X. on the 4th day of April, 1950.

    Robert worked for D.O.X. from April 1950 to November 1956 and was a member of Teamsters Local 612.

    Alabama Metal from November 1956 to June 1958 - Non-Union in Rosedale, MS

    Malone & Hyde in Memphis, TN from June 1958 to July 1959 - Member of Teamsters Local 984

    Schwerman Trucking from July 1959 to June 1962 - Member of Teamsters Local 984

    ET&WNC  from June 1962 to June 1982 - Member of Teamsters Local 667

    Consolidated Freightways from June 1982 to March 1995 - Member of Teamsters Local 667

    In 1964 under C.H. Augustine, Robert was appointed Chaplain of Teamsters Local 667.  Each administration since 1964 has reappointed Robert as Chaplain.

    Approximately 30 years ago the local PAC was organized.  Robert has been actively involved with the PAC since it began and has served as Local 667's Political Coordinator for the last 3 years.

    Phone: 901-396-5331 Ext. 233

    Accounting/Dues Clerk
     Carrie Cross

    Email: crhodes@teamsters667.com 
    Phone: 901-396-5331 Ext. 225
      Sonja Warmath

    Sonja has been a member of Teamsters Local 667 since 1983.  She is a second generation Teamster - Her dad, Murray Foster, was a Teamster and worked for Red Ball Motor Freight from 1953 to 1978.

    Sonja has worked for various carriers over her career in the trucking industry.  She started with Superior Forwarding, Inc. where she was one of the first female rate clerks in the city of Memphis.  After Superior sold out, she went to work for ANR Freight as a rate clerk, then  after they closed she went to work for Jones Truck Line to help clean up their OS&D problems.  After Jones closed, she worked casual for ABF Freight, Roadway Express and Yellow Feight.  Whoever called her first is where she went to work that day/night...  After an extended hiring freeze was lifted at Roadway, they put her on regular in 1994.  In 2004 she was picked as Roadway's #1 Employee of the Year and represented Memphis in their "I am Roadway" campaign.   Sonja retired from YRC in 2009.

    After a brief retirement, Sonja came to work for Teamsters Local 667 in January of 2016 and now helps our members with Insurance and Pension.

    Email: swarmath@teamsters667.com 
    Phone: 901-396-5331 Ext. 222

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